Here Comes A Regular by The Replacements

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There are centuries of odes to the neighborhood dive bar, and "Here Comes a Regular" is universal and timeless. We all know a "fool who wastes his life, God rest his guts". Raise your glass!   1

3LeggedDawg 24 Jan 2015

A little bummed by the news. TIMJ is fantastic. I have had a lot of fun ever since @velvetmorning turned me onto it (Thanks Connor). "Met" a lot of great people and I wish you the best.

Tox_Doc 10 Aug 2015

I would probably put this band in my ten greatest and this is such a tender song from this GREAT band. I wish I discovered this band ten years ago upon leaving school, things would definitely be different. AMAZING   8

isajward919 19 Mar 2014

It breaks my heart every time...

JamieMadness 14 Jun 2014

#10 -- Best album-closing tracks. I'm going to post a handful of my favorite closers followed by an ordered top 10. Criteria include effectively providing a conclusion to an album, being irreplaceable in its role, and general quality of the song, in that order.   5

btener 14 Jul 2013

Happy Thursday Friends :)   1

jimleatherman 3 Apr 2014