I'll Be You by The Replacements

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If you're into Indie Rock, you owe a debt to The Replacements. I met a drummer from a local indie band a few years back who'd never heard of them. This made me sad.   1

billybartels 14 Oct 2014

I'm bored right out of my skull.

mygothlaundry 6 Sep 2012

Hard not to love this classic Replacements song.

davesag 27 Feb 2012

Tried to play Waitress in the Sky (you tube it - the studio version - so funny), but no good versions for my Jam - but I think it's good to have a back to back on Hooduu Gurus and Replacements.....love them both but I'll take HG anyday:)   4

lesakramer5 6 Apr 2015

Fingers crossed for the 'Mats to get in to the Rock & Roll HOF!

sweeter 17 Oct 2013

16 seconds of Paul Westerberg talking before classic official video starts.   1

RegisterSeven 30 Nov 2013