2000 Light Years From Home by The Rolling Stones

“Listen to The Stones every day.”

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Listen to The Stones every day.   1

DeepDub 14 Sep 2015

Well, here's a piece of serendipity. I heard on the news this morning that The Stones are to launch a world tour, titled 'Exhibitionism', of galleries & museums, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, 2016. As they were the 'B side', shall we say, to The Beatles, & this ditty features a Mellotron variant of synthesizer, it naturally follows on in theme. :)   15

Phyl 13 Jul 2015

Decca Netherlands, 1967   1

tedwilkinson 31 Jul 2015

Inspired by a debate I'm currently having on someone else's page (sorry about that) as to whether the current Stones are legit. This is from a time where they still dared, rightly or wrongly, to try something new. For me, 1964-1974 is their prime; anything from the 90s on is just parody.   18

catcalzone 6 Jul 2015

As a person who doesn't 'do' the Crimbo/NewYear thang, I kicked the former straight into touch this time around, by tootling off to my wee sunny bolthole, for a week of splendour. In fact, I had my best Xmas Day ever, replete with clear blue skies, glorious sunshine & a buffet fit for royalty. Surreal, but utterly, spellbindingly unmissable. I shall undoubtedly repeat the exercise, as long as life & finances permit. On the flight home this afternoon, I spent most of the three hours, looking out my wee window at the ground below, as the fat old sun illuminated a stunning vista. I reflected on events & people, past & present, coming as aye, to no earth shattering conclusions, other than marvelling at our world, which from 28,000 feet, looks alarmingly perfect. If only. Speaking of other worlds, this un-Stones like number from the vastly underrated Satanic Majesties album, hijacked my subconscious. To all of you, my friends, from all of me, may 2015 be bountiful & rather psychedelic...   53

21schizoid 30 Dec 2014

More Mellotron, and, happily, file under #CosmicSpaceJamWeek   22

MsSue 16 Jul 2013