Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

“Just noticed the "eternal jam" feature. Hence this choice.”

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but talkingtocactus was first  

Just noticed the "eternal jam" feature. Hence this choice.   2

markkilner 13 Oct 2013

Love Merry Clayton's voice. Really makes the song.   2

creativewhimsy 7 May 2015

Since This Is My Jam is being archived soon, I might as well include my all-time favourite song before it's too late!

KevCarney 13 Aug 2015

Finally got in to the Rolling Stones the other day after listening to a few of their albums. Gimme Shelter has always been one of my favourite songs though...   9

mjgBZ32 21 Jul 2015

High School, Freshman year '79, Panasonic Boombox blasting this tune as soon as the bell rang. Ripped jeans, smelled like the roach I was keeping in my back pocket for "lunch". Had to be the fuckin' coolest kid in that fucked up school. It's a miracle I ever even finished high school. Odds were stacked against me. And look at me now, Hahaa! "It's just a shot away!"

kelticcowboy65 21 Sep 2015

....probably the best intro I ever heard.....   34

DavidAnderson 20 Sep 2015