The Last Time by The Rolling Stones

“Not symbolic... I'd jam this anyway ;) #FinalJam Over to #letsloop

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Not symbolic... I'd jam this anyway ;) #FinalJam Over to #letsloop   8

zombierust 25 Sep 2015

The first song I learnt to play on guitar and the last song I'll post on TIMJ. Thanks to all in TIMJ for passing on your knowledge, and sharing your music with a wit and humour I didn't expect to see when I posted my first jam. As a bonus you can spot football legend George Best "busting some moves" on the dancefloor. For those of you who are less than impressed, I can assure you he saved his best moves for the pitch. It's been fun!   6

jonjonjohnny 26 Aug 2015   3

richardhomer 28 Aug 2015

Glorious.   1

edclarke 20 May 2012

Cause it IS the last time. Hey, it's been fun, guys!   6

waynechapman44 24 Sep 2015

They have an endless amount of fantastic songs but I still think the stones peaked at their very earliest.

Zaphers 13 Feb 2012