Ventilator Blues by The Rolling Stones

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Continuing with the blues-y theme for the week.   1

dirtynevil 21 Oct 2014

Some of Mick's finest vocals. Listen to the way he slithers and slides around the beat.

tjordan701 21 Oct 2014

The remembered past. Another hot sticky day in New York. Not as god-awful as the day before when dog lay down, panting, in the park and refused to budge, but hot and sticky nonetheless. It’s was only May dammit. Then, walking up out of the subway at City Hall on to Chambers Street and the Stones come on the shuffle and it’s Ventilator Blues which always makes me smile,"no matter where you are everybody needs a ventilator", I’m thinking did they ever record a more diamond hard guitar and those drums, "Feel like moidur in the foist degree", New York style like, and suddenly I’m smiling to myself . Yeah, everybody neeeeeeeds a ven-til-Ate-or.   10

paulgdaly 5 Aug 2014

A Ventilator Blues kind of morning.   3

DrFidelius 26 Mar 2015

Maybe my all-time favorite Stones song.   2

brunsvold 15 Apr 2014

My favourite band. A classic off kilter start, they were masters of this.   2

jamthrawn 20 Oct 2013