I can never go home anymore by The Shangri-Las

“Damn, girl. (This is always breathtaking)”

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Damn, girl. (This is always breathtaking)   1

piratemoggy 18 Sep 2013

Be nice to your Mum, kids. #glumweek

Astromonkey 10 Sep 2013

no matter how i ranted and raved, i screamed, i pleaded, i cried, she told me it was not really love but only

nabila_in 19 Feb 2012

So glad to see this song get so much recognition lately

dantheman69 8 Jun 2015

Had this floating through my head since The Drowned Man.

mattsheret 2 Jan 2014

And you know something funny? I forgot that boy right away...

frankandfloyd 17 Nov 2014