It's Only Life by The Shins

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You've been talking for hours You say, "Time will wash every tower to the sea," And now you've got this worry in your heart Well I guess it's only life, it's only natural We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole The things they taught you, they're lining up to haunt you You got your back against the wall I call you on the telephone, won't you pick up the receiver?

MaxVerweijen 9 Jun 2015

Their new album isnt their usual standard but still has its little gems!

Oldy86 29 Mar 2013

I've been down the very road you're walking now/It doesn't have to be so dark and lonesome

misandrist 3 May 2015

great song great lyrics sums life up to a tee

taffkeast 11 Oct 2014

The future's calling and I'mma answer her.

younglion 8 Dec 2014


phonegirl 12 Mar 2012