So Now What by The Shins

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Trying again with this Jam, because it's such a gorgeous track that it doesn't deserve to be restricted by those Vevo bastards. Thanks to @BertrandRustles for the working link.   3

DJDarren 2 Aug 2014

The new one from The Shins from the Wish I Was Here soundtrack. It's utterly beautiful so I can't stop playing it.   1

DJDarren 1 Aug 2014

Haven't heard something so beautiful for so long #TheShins #HopefulSounds

thekingscot 16 Aug 2014

A new Shin's song sounding ethereal and dreamy? Perfect Good night & Sweet Dreams XXXX

pooblemoo 30 Jul 2014

So this song is pretty special.

mattcomi 22 Jul 2014

#goodsongsfrombadmovies #theshins

pgonthefritz 25 Apr 2015