Vision Thing by The Sisters of Mercy

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t's a small world and it smells funny I'd buy another if it wasn't for the money

nigeljohnwade 12 Apr 2013

November 22nd 1963, dallas texas, John Fitgerald Kennedy murdered , by the body guards of greed, WHAT would the world be like if he had lived and prospered, THEN Dr King,THEN Bobby Kennedy,,,then the world changed forever,,,,50 bad years later, still at war some were in the world,,,,,JFK god bless his beautiful irish soul..   6

kingofmen 16 Nov 2013

Required listening to put you in the appropriate mood for the 2012 election.   1

compactrobot 4 Jan 2012

"Another motherfucker in a motorcade."   1

Discographies 27 Aug 2012