Since I Don't Have You by The Skyliners


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but Gravel was first  

Wally Lester (1941 to 2015) was an American 'doo-wop' singer, with 'The Skyliners'.   5

rest_in_peace 27 Apr 2015

I iiiiii don't have anything.....

davidcard 1 Mar 2014

This was randomly stuck in my head a few times today. Not sure why.   2

MusicalMichiru 3 Jan 2014

It's been awhile since I've selected a Jam. This is one of the best of the best of this type of music. The chord progression, the bass line, the lead vocal, the lyrics. Perfection!

Gil_Mensch 16 Sep 2014

Daily dilemma.. SadJam, GladJam or BadJam. #SadJam wins this evening. Apologies for this temporary aberration, do not adjust your set, normal service will be resumed shortly... who remembers the film "American Grafitti"?  #GoingDownJamming   5

ElizaJane 21 Sep 2015

When you walked out on me, in walked old misery, and he's been here ever since. #EndJams

bbionic 20 Sep 2015