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hooladean 19 Jan 2015

Another classic. Reminds me so much of high school and college.   2

alyssamwbc 26 Jan 2014

Because it's my year of birth. #smashingpumpkins

monsterpaperbag 17 Jul 2015

Great song of one of the first bands I really liked. A great movie year too (Alien, Apocalypse Now)

vinfilm 21 Dec 2011

My mother is selling the house where I grew up, so I've been going through my old things. Id forgotten how much I love my old cds, and this in particular.

Jackcantsleep1 18 Nov 2014

Well, friends, this is the end. It's been grand, and I'm sorry to see TIMJ end. I'll be over on Let's Loop (and maybe other sites). Peace. (Also, I wanted to include the video for this song, but it couldn't be played on here, and you guys know it anyway.)   4

LizaFZ 25 Sep 2015