A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours by The Smiths

NLyman’s jam on 15 Jun ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“favourite Smiths song from my favourite Smiths album”

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favourite Smiths song from my favourite Smiths album

NLyman 5 Nov 2014

"They said there's too much caffeine in your bloodstream / and a lack of real spice in your life"

KevinMarshall 14 Jun 2014

You might notice a theme developing in the run up to the general election. Class tune from best band ever, fact

Bigrob01 17 Jan 2015

my favourite track from my favourite album by The Smiths. Not the usual choice i know.   2

NLyman 15 Jun 2012

..a lack of real spice..

fuijueves 23 Nov 2014

This popped up on shuffle this morning. My favourite song by them. Sounds even better on a Friday!   1

NLyman 21 Mar 2014