Cemetry Gates by The Smiths

“Beautifully wry - lovely adolescent one-upmanship, too.”

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Beautifully wry - lovely adolescent one-upmanship, too.   1

dijdowell 2 Jun 2013

Thanks to @abigail.deeks for the Smiths today (and lots more besides). Here's my favourite of theirs.   7

simonp 25 Sep 2015

Graveyard Jam #6. That last one leads well into my favorite and last one.   9

robbfritz 23 Aug 2012

"Keats and Yeats are on your side But you lose because Wilde is on mine"

deathbybook 13 Jan 2015

This is probably an odd choice to cheer me up when I feel rubbish yet it never fails.

andreamaven 11 Dec 2011

this just popped into my head :)   12

terence 15 Mar 2014