Hand In Glove by The Smiths


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but skying was first  

Just on holiday reading Morrisey's Autobiography. His ego is huge, but he has made some great songs. Here they are in 1985.

spewish 4 Aug 2014

Hands (in gloves please) up who had The Smiths as their 1st dance? That'll be my hand up there then. We had a friend edit out 'I'll probably never see you again' (good idea) which he did seamlessly (thanks Ed). Well, we were/are both BIG fans. I was wearing white DM's that guests had previously signed after speeches. Crazy times. This is a 2011 Remastered version, the original was recorded near my family home at Strawberry Studios and apparently cost £250 @abigail.deeks @simonp The Smiths unite and take over (not really). #FinalJamDay   4

PartyTearsFew 25 Sep 2015

The first band I ever went to see...   3

stellakoto 18 May 2013

Classic Smiths. Don't argue!

hattydaze 7 Jan 2015

S is for the Smiths - and it was so hard trying to choose just one track. Love ol Mozzer - he was a great mover back in the Smiths time - with his gladioli and ripping off his shirt. I still buy the Mozzer solo stuff and love that too. The Smiths were someting special though   15

lindatee 14 Dec 2014

Been in my head all day! "i really dont know n i really dont caaarree"

Oldy86 6 Nov 2012