How Soon Is Now, 1985 by The Smiths

“How soon is now? I have a feeling my now is now!”

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How soon is now? I have a feeling my now is now!

darcytvw 9 Jul 2013

Absolutely totally love The Smiths they were revolutionary and dancey and lyrically all strange and creative and meaningful and relatable.. You should give this a watch, made me fall in love with every single song all over again!   8

marshamarsh 13 May 2013

I just love it.   6

totallydaft 13 Sep 2015

Eternal jam status. I loved this song long before I knew the rest of The Smiths catalog. (Like when I was 6 or 7.) And loved it even more when I knew it was the same band that did "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out". Morrissey might write terrible novels. But he and Johnny Marr wrote amazing songs.

meowrey 26 Sep 2015

This is my 500th jam so here is some spine tingling Smiths!   24

abigail.deeks 5 Jun 2014

love or hate the smiths, if you can refuse liking the guitar in this tune then i kind of pity you "shyness that is criminally vulgar"   12

stumbelina 7 Apr 2014