How Soon Is Now, 1985 by The Smiths

“It's a classic for a reason.”

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It's a classic for a reason.

lisadidio 29 Oct 2013

Break up and missing London equals this Smiths beauty   1

Rubychick 11 Sep 2015

My favourite.   8

ZeppelinRule 2 Mar 2013

This is my 500th jam so here is some spine tingling Smiths!   24

abigail.deeks 5 Jun 2014

love or hate the smiths, if you can refuse liking the guitar in this tune then i kind of pity you "shyness that is criminally vulgar"   12

stumbelina 7 Apr 2014

Eternal jam status. I loved this song long before I knew the rest of The Smiths catalog. (Like when I was 6 or 7.) And loved it even more when I knew it was the same band that did "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out". Morrissey might write terrible novels. But he and Johnny Marr wrote amazing songs.

meowrey 26 Sep 2015