I Know It's Over by The Smiths

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but vmperella was first  

I know it's feelings - still I jam.   1

Loosqueal 8 Jul 2012

Decided to listen to this casually after not hearing it in a while. So much for that.   7

Enish 19 Mar 2013

Tried Supergrass but wouldn't work. So The Smiths it is. Not exactly in the spirit of the day but hey ho

Grayling 14 Feb 2013

But in my heart, it was so real #TheSmiths #IKnowItsOver

KraizeeKatt 23 Sep 2015

#LastJams #ThanksTIMJ

Dalek 29 Aug 2015

This is my penultimate new jam: The Smiths -- I Know It's Over. ;)

pierrepont 24 Sep 2015