I Started Something I Couldn't Finish by The Smiths

“My favorite song from this album <3”

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My favorite song from this album <3   1

Lovely_Rose 12 Apr 2014

I *think* this was their last single, but was the first video of theirs that I'd ever seen. Sheltered life.

matt_timson 20 Feb 2012

Looking back over my past jams I realise I've not posted any  Smiths! Time (just!) to remedy that glaring oversight. This track seems apt right now... #lastjams

iant70 13 Aug 2015

My favourite song by one of my favourite bands. Bloody amazing.

mrcd 7 May 2015

oh god the smiths

infectiouspants 18 Sep 2013

Something of a going on holiday song

registrarism 16 Aug 2013