Paint a Vulgar Picture by The Smiths

“This song helped with my SATs!”

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This song helped with my SATs!   1

summerblink78 15 Aug 2015

1987. Petulant!Morrissey has become an increasingly tragic figure, but in the 80s it was still quite funny...   5

thesunneversets 5 Mar 2012

"What makes most people feel happy, Leads us headlong into harm"

ronxo 5 Aug 2015

So in my bedroom in those ugly new houses I danced my legs down to the knees.   2

OnlySimonLucas 7 Nov 2013

"At the record company meeting, On their hands - a dead star"

ronxo 30 Jun 2014

2Pac RIP

transgressiveHQ 16 Apr 2012