There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

Zufall’s jam on 28 Aug ’15 (See all)


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Zufall 28 Aug 2015

Manchester Week #3. Saw *two* girls in Smiths T-shirts in the local pub. HERE is a light that never goes out.   4

thesunneversets 31 Aug 2012

Home for the holidays. I missed this city, it's good to be back.

J_Dub 17 Dec 2012

....and so we bid a fond adieu to This Is My Jam with an all-time classic.

clark.summers 24 Sep 2015

Go on then, one last jam... Thanks for everything #TIMJ #LastJam   1

mpgabster 25 Sep 2015

Almost Valentines Day, and I think this is one the most romantic songs ever. Maybe I'm just weird. :shrug:   3

denizenofdreams 10 Feb 2014