The Motherlode by The Staves

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QMagazine 2 May 2012

so the staves have a new album out and it shreds, but i can't find my fav ('don't you call me anymore') on here so i'm dusting off my old fav from dead & born & grown. 'as long as it stays, you are here / heartbroken year after year.'

mccauleykr 3 May 2015

Openers for Bon Iver. Amazing. Love them.

xuebles 3 Jun 2012

Had this album a month now and I keep coming back to this song.

BalloonFish 17 Dec 2012

Another late 2012 favourite.   2

jamiecater 9 Jan 2013

I'm all for some mellow beats today.

lindzena 21 May 2013