I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges

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So, my first iggy show was at the Channel in Boston..sold out, pre cell phones - heard on the radio there were 500 extra tix available - I was a bartender in Harvard Square - ran around collecting money, with direction everyone should get their ass out there and meet me in line...I was able to buy the 5 tickets, but they wouldn't let me in until everyone showed up, and the house was filling up - biting my nails, I awaited my friends, who, thank god, got there (imagine taxi's flying in) just in time and we all made it in. My room mate has just gotten back from Columbia and never heard of iggy (1984 ish?)...I was wearing a thick denim mini skirt - She, granola chick, fought her way to the front and licked up his spit.iggy has such power! I floated in the pit it was so thick...when I came out, I squeezed my skirt and so much sweat came out - a classic show. Seen him a few times since but was at this show with my best friend front row beside soundboard on the mezzanine - Best show!   13

lesakramer5 16 Apr 2015

This one never goes out of style.

kenlowery 14 Jul 2015

In my room, I want you here.   1

helloerica 6 Nov 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!! :) (fixed)   7

terence 14 Feb 2014

1969?!? Really. Holy hell is this still just at the edge.   1

Bandoswb 28 Jun 2012

I had to come home and play this song very loudly after passing 4 buskers who were all trying to be Ed Sheeran...   3

phantomstar 2 Apr 2015