Birthday by The Sugarcubes

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but davidpetersimon was first  

while it is yes THAT DAY this song was a favorite for so long I'm tempted to make this my eternal jam...   7

robbfritz 21 Aug 2013

Had this stuck in my head for the past couple of days now, which is an interesting experience since the chorus isn’t so much words as sounds. If there has ever been a better song to lip synch dramatically at a darkened bus stop, I haven't heard it.

melissastevens 7 Mar 2015

Happy increasing ancientness to me.   5

UncannyUK 25 May 2015

Sometimes there are songs that stick with me because I can't quite wrap my head around them. It took me awhile it get into this song and even after I did I still at times find myself thinking that Bjork's vocals are a bit bizarre, but at the same time I'm fascinated be them. How does she bloody do that!? LOL

MusicJunkie 2 Aug 2015

The number one song on the 1987 Festive Fifty, announced on 30 December 1987. This was the year that the Smiths had 11 entries, and all but three songs from "Strangeways" made the chart. At one point in the middle of the countdown, he complained "Well, I like the Smiths meself, I mean obviously I do, but this is getting a bit daft, I think." However this year was the first time the Festive Fifty was topped by a group from outside the UK, Iceland's Sugarcubes.   2

peeljams 14 May 2015

love to hear lyrics sung in languages other than English periodically.   3

TomSchneitter 14 Dec 2013