“Bringin' it back to 1991.  I said "OUCH" this really hurts!”

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Bringin' it back to 1991.  I said "OUCH" this really hurts!   5

J_Dub 16 Jul 2012

I hated this when it first came out. Now I like it! :D   9

Avante 30 Jul 2013

Accidental seduction.   1

MotherFist 12 Sep 2015

Weird and wonderful!

andrewmoar 10 Sep 2014


dani_tra 22 Oct 2014

The whole point is to feel something izznit, so whatsamatter if it hurts just a lil or a whole fucken lot, nbd, whatever #rapture #oracle

jessedarling 25 Jun 2013