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I thought of the classic 'Fer Sure' by Medic Droid at first, but let's just post something relatively new.

Ladycorn 26 Mar 2013

Another cool song I would like to share with you, people! Not an original clip cause of stupid vevo. Enjoy!   2

bariscamlidere 17 Aug 2012

I'm not a big of fan of this band, but this song is great!   2

rainbowasi 16 Nov 2013

Working on JetFuel all day. ALL DAY.

mikedao 26 Mar 2015

Best cut off 2011's Sounds from Nowheresville

restless941 13 Feb 2015

Bo12: And finally, another superior piece of music off The Ting Tings 2012 release, this one an official video.Check. It. out.

restless941 17 Dec 2013