Closer by The Tiny

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Thanks #WelcomeToNightVale ! As he's in the middle of the street Then I pretend he is mine to keep Cars are running fast on both sides of his head, his eyes say Closer, closer, closer

SuzieLee1 20 Mar 2015

And now, the weather.   1

joelseethemovie 28 Aug 2013

Thanks to @TheTinyMusic for such a wonderful song + to @NightValeRadio for featuring it.

GermanCityGirl 15 Jan 2014

Thank you "Welcome to Night Vale" for this weather forecast!   2

Murich 23 Nov 2013

#GPOY #mylife #endlessfrustration

unfortunatalie 20 Sep 2013

Now I'm thinking maybe I was wrong...

AskingAna 8 Feb 2014