Elenore by The Turtles

“A great choon altogether.”

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A great choon altogether.

darraghdoyle 30 Apr 2012

This is by way of a tribute to @heatherrings and her fantastically rich theme of women's names! Don't think she's had this one yet, and I apologise for nicking it. The Turtles originally did this as a prank song apparently, which explains the great funny lyrics. My favorite line is "Elenore, gee I think you're swell, and you really do me well, you're my pride and joy et cetera" Enjoy :)   1

Phyl 22 Mar 2014


gnaf 9 Nov 2014

Girls names - Song 20. This is for @Phyl - who brought the song to my attention recently. I'd like to thank him for his kind words of encouragement. Happy jamming! :-)   20

heatherrings 7 Apr 2014

More 60s summer holiday compilation tape goodness.   2

markwtaylor1 8 Aug 2013

Inspired by @lindatee choice of Waterloo Sunset, here is something from around the same period which is again, just such a perfect pop song. Made even more interesting when you know that the singers were Frank Zappa's Mother of Invention, front-men for a while.   1

philgeorge54 19 Jul 2014