You've Got My Number by The Undertones


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I'm not sure if I'd ever considered this among my favourite Undertones songs...but I'm really wondering why

thompsonsimon 24 Nov 2014

They had some great songs, some shitty ones... this is one of the great ones.

ohughes86 10 Jan 2012

#PhoningItIn   3

bignonioides 29 Oct 2013

such perfect pop - but at the time such a departure from the previous sound it actually gave me a 'JFK moment' - I remember exactly when/where i was when i heard it. Er, in the bathroom listening to the John Peel Show, obviously......!

GotNotGot 14 Nov 2014

Why don't you use it! #anotherlovesong #theundertones #thegamesweplay

sorrybutno 8 Dec 2014