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alejandroid 28 Oct 2013

Time to sort this eternal jam business, and only one song will do. My all-time rock and roll heroes.   7

aHandfulOfRain 26 May 2015

You know you shouldn't do that

Axol 25 Jan 2013

No Video on Vimeo??? Better music quality though. Enjoy.   1

palexan 15 Dec 2012

#7. The Earth-shaking, cosmos-battering, planet-swallowing Sister Ray. Armed with 3 chords, the Velvets set about smashing preconceived limits of vulgarity.   6

lukeduggan2006 28 May 2013

my favorite band. I wish that I would have had the opportunity to see them perform live.   2

TomSchneitter 23 May 2013