The Electrician by The Walker Brothers

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Thank you to @andyzax for pointing the way to this one   4

junglerock 14 Dec 2012

thewetnoodle 20 Feb 2014

The final, distinctly odd, single by The Walker Brothers.   1

mrbensiddall 8 Sep 2014

The sweet spot in Scott Walker's career where, admittedly, he was writing opaque songs about CIA-sponsored torture in South America, but accompanied his lyrics with gorgeous soaring orchestration, cascading harp and languid flamenco guitar.   1

backwards7 23 Sep 2015

baby it's slooowwww

gongon_ldn 19 Dec 2011

Proto-weird-Scott-Walker; have an unsettling weekend, all!   3

TBBYNH 21 Mar 2015