The Rat by Walkmen

“pull-out-your-hair-and-dance-at-the-same-time music”

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pull-out-your-hair-and-dance-at-the-same-time music

AllenVWin 17 Jan 2014

Gonna be at End of the Road- I love this song   1

MaxRocks 14 May 2013

Not a massive fan on this album, but this is a hell of a song. A bit angst ridden for a Saturday, but hey....   1

cheshiregooner 25 Jul 2015

bye Zane on worlds famous bbcr1, the favourite source of enthusiasm and music :/

krhak 8 Mar 2015

Can't believe I've not had this as my jam beore, this is a fantastic song. If you've not heard it before, please give it a listen, you won't be dissapointed.   3

madeofstone 17 Jul 2014

BEAST of a drummer....   6

corcorankelly 1 Jan 2013