Under the Pressure by The War on Drugs

“Continuing the theme of songs that were totally awesome at Meredith...”

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Continuing the theme of songs that were totally awesome at Meredith...

johnbarton 28 Dec 2014

Love these dudes, new album is pretty addictive.   4

Charlotta 25 Mar 2014

I'm an introspective wee fella. I recently took an instant dislike of all things social media related. Don't get me wrong. I (quite) like people. I understand (no, really) that life's big hamster wheel, keeps turning and evolution can be a positive thang. It's just that every now and then, I like the world to stop, so I can get off and examine where I'm at and just why I'm where I'm at. I seldom come to any earth shattering conclusions, but examination of ones existence, can't be all bad, can it? Anyhoo, I'm still really out of lurve with socmed, as I now call it, though TIMJ has been good to me and I've developed lots of luvverly friendly relationships that I don't want to compromise. Forgive me if I come across as a tad 'twatish'. I don't want to be on this forum, endlessly. It simply takes up too much time. However, I do wish to share this stunning track I just discovered. It's so, so 80s, but isn't! Reminds me of my youth...not & never can be, lost. Just a little more distant...   44

21schizoid 18 Mar 2014

Massively oversubscribed but easily album of the year. Happy 2015 everyone; I hope all your dreams come true over the next 12 months.

AJDJ 30 Dec 2014

Another Ballers find .. Goldmine!

NapaWhine 8 Sep 2015

My 2014 Song Of The Year #SongOfTheYear2014 #TheWarOnDrugs   9

walt.brown 8 Dec 2014