Plea From A Cat Named Virtute by The Weakerthans

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Man! This song still makes me cry pretty much every single time I listen to it. So god damn good.   1

Casey_Malone 14 Jul 2012

You can't really do Fur Week on TIMJ without Virtute, one of the greatest furry protagonists in rock music...   4

thesunneversets 21 Jan 2013

With all the birds that I can kill. 🎵

BrendanAdkins 24 Mar 2014

If you own kitties and have ever been sad this song is for you   1

shewhoisashley 29 Jan 2015

Canadian world-class badassery that I'm always delighted to be reminded of after long stretches of not hearing it. Perfect for anyone who's had a crapsandwich day, and needs a hug and a bowl of soup times infinity. Written from the point of view of a cat whose owner has been going through a bit of an emotional rough patch, It's everything a great song should be - fun, funny, human & hopeful. When little Virtute, desperate to pull his owner out of her seemingly bottomless funk, threatens "I swear I'm going to bite you hard and taste your tinny blood, if you don't stop the self-defeating lies you've been repeating since the day you brought me home," it never fails to crack me up. When he follows it up with the plaintive "I know you're strong," it never fails to choke me up. I hope that someday the likes of Paul Feig or Judd Apotow adapts this for a screenplay, and I hope everyone going through a rough patch has a little Virtute pulling for them.

ExileOnEStreet 26 Feb 2015

Four+ years ago, a coworker recommended this song as a good post-break-up listen narrated by a cat. I fell in love with the song and then with the coworker. It all worked out far better than even Virtute could've predicted.

gimpnelly 19 May 2014