Wicked Games by The Weeknd

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I have a music weakness... Cussing. This does it right.

bohemianwifey 23 Nov 2014

Thinking about the relapse stage of a breakup. TIMJ... it's so hard to quit you! I'm not saying you're driving me into the arms of drugs... but I'm not NOT saying that either. What other tunes could signify relapse? I'd love to hear some suggestions!   7

savagetea 26 Aug 2015

stripper-esque, no?

thesummerofsam 23 May 2015

Thanks to Greg Dulli and The Afghan Whigs for reminding me of this song. So sexy.

REMcCracken 24 Oct 2012

favourite track from my favourite record of the year.

jcrawfud 21 Dec 2011

first listened to this on airplane. perfect chill.

thesummerofsam 8 May 2015