You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told) by The White Stripes


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Dipping back into the White Stripes well. Now seen FOUR GREAT Jack shows, but I still wanna hear Meg!   2

Bandoswb 24 May 2012

What a guitar hook!

tungholio 1 May 2015

And I hate to sound cold; But...

pkleck 15 Oct 2012

The more time passes, the more I'm convinced this is the best White Stripes song.

harlo37 14 Sep 2015

You dont know what love is, you do as you're told Just as a child of ten might act but you're far too old You're not hopeless, or helpless, and I hate to sound cold But you dont know what love is, you just do as you're told

frazao 28 Mar 2015

This pops into my head every now and again. Always glad when it does :)   1

kevkevoc 2 Mar 2012