A Quick One, While He's Away (Live at London Coliseum) by The Who


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but binder was first  

Rock & roll circus style.   2

brittanynicole 13 Mar 2012

I just found out this tune has been added to the setlist for the first time in 44 years. There was little doubt I was going to see my favorite band in my hometown but now there's zero. This performance is from the Rolling Stones' Rock & Roll Circus and was also featured in the Kids Are Alright doc. A masterpiece that even my 3 month old-plus son can enjoy!   1

gfunk 31 Jan 2015

from the rolling stones rock n roll circus, we present..........

troybettles 17 Jun 2014

http://www.letsloop.com/gogokrista   8

gogokrista 11 Aug 2015

It's been stuck in my head for a week. Now it can be stuck in yours too.

toddster 9 Jun 2015

I watched Wes Anderson's Rushmore today and felt obliged to jam this.   7

rvleonard 5 Nov 2013