Eminence Front by The Who


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Thanks @mrdougellin for putting this on the soundtrack of @entouragemovie and reminding me how awesome it is.

hungoverdrawn 3 Jul 2015

Sometimes I forget how good this song is. So I'll listen to it ten times in a row to make up for it.   2

inthefade 22 Mar 2012

#Glasto headliners in Balearic classic shock

mbatey 28 Jun 2015

Another ridiculous American election cycle upon us.....

kenthomson58 25 Jun 2015

I Shamzammed this twice before I believed that this was really them.   2

TheMichaelMoran 11 Jul 2015

Easily my favourite Who song. And one of my all time favourites. A kind of rock and jazz fusion ahead of its time. And timeless.   2

LarryLootsteen 14 Sep 2015