My Generation by The Who

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but elisolo was first  

Crazy awesome

chriswareing56 19 Jul 2012

An explosive Mod pop record. At the time of its release, it also had the most ferociously powerful guitars and drums ever captured on a rock record. Pete Townshend's exhilarating chord crunches and guitar distortions threaten to leap off the grooves on this tune and Keith Moons drumming... Needs no explanation.   1

phantomstar 25 Feb 2015

My Generation by The Who is my new jam. "Why don't you all just f-f-f-fade away? Talking 'bout my generation."

LeonieWatson 23 Feb 2015

that's what i'm talking about

vccrawl 7 Feb 2015

Oldies Goldies! It is hard to find such a masterpiece in these times! Enjoy!

bariscamlidere 8 Feb 2013

50 years of The Who. :)   4

lah_ann 11 Oct 2014