The Seeker by The Who

“Been searching low and hi-eee”

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Been searching low and hi-eee

pip 3 Apr 2015

I'm looking for me You're looking for you We're looking in at each other And we don't know what to do   10

hannacelina 18 Jan 2014

I'm not sure Pete Townshend is very fond of this one, but I personally really like it a lot, probably because it's the first song by The Who that I ever knew. I'm sure I had heard other songs by them on the radio or some other random place before, but if so I never paid much attention to them. Having this on Guitar Hero III though, and also Won't Get Fooled Again on Rock Band a little later, is what really started my interest in The Who and rock in general.

blynch5194 4 May 2015

My adaptation of Jack's Return Home kicks off with this number, tonight 11pm on Radio 4. Damn, I done a spam.   1

pez 28 Aug 2012


21schizoid 26 Aug 2015

Track, 1970

tedwilkinson 11 Jun 2015