The Seeker by The Who

“The Who captured in their absolute pomp”

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The Who captured in their absolute pomp   4

GrahamDJohns 9 Jul 2015


21schizoid 26 Aug 2015

I'm not sure Pete Townshend is very fond of this one, but I personally really like it a lot, probably because it's the first song by The Who that I ever knew. I'm sure I had heard other songs by them on the radio or some other random place before, but if so I never paid much attention to them. Having this on Guitar Hero III though, and also Won't Get Fooled Again on Rock Band a little later, is what really started my interest in The Who and rock in general.

blynch5194 4 May 2015

Track, 1970

tedwilkinson 11 Jun 2015

My adaptation of Jack's Return Home kicks off with this number, tonight 11pm on Radio 4. Damn, I done a spam.   1

pez 28 Aug 2012

I looked under chairs, I looked under tables!

Cheddies 9 Dec 2011