Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who

“the keyboard makes me happy”

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the keyboard makes me happy

zzgavin 30 Jan 2013

This morning's earworm. Pete Townshend will always be my favourite guitar player, particularly during his 70's two bottles of brandy a day era. Incredibly visual/aggressive style. I could watch this on repeat all day.....

blue1meanie 14 Aug 2015

In honour of their great performance at Glastonbury last week,there was only ever going to be one jam for me.......   3

devious31 4 Jul 2015

#believeitornot #spookyjams number 2...Famed Drummer of the Who, Keith Moon was in a flat in London's Mayfair district owned by his friend Harry Nilsson. He was borrowing the place after having watched a screening of the Buddy Holly Story, hosted by Paul McCartney. He had some sleeping pills, fell asleep, woke up made a steak had some more sleeping pills and passed away shortly thereafter. The Autopsy revealed he had taken 32 sleeping pills. Keith Moon passed away of an accidental overdose at the age of 32. 4 Years Earlier Cass Eliot was renting the apartment in 1974 and died of a heart attack at age 32...Nilsson was so distressed by both deaths that he listed the apartment, which was purchased by Pete Townshend.   17

SheRa 14 Apr 2015

For the peoploe of North Korea

MrKips 19 Dec 2011

Watching this live would be awesome :)   1

berezakrut 18 Jan 2015