Amen, Brother by The Winstons

“Pretty much listening to this on a constant loop today.”

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Pretty much listening to this on a constant loop today.

phlpthomas 10 Jun 2014

From this came The Amen Break, one of (if not THE) most sampled drum breaks of all time. Helps that it's pretty incredible in it's own right #sonofsamplified   3

tomdwilly 21 Jan 2015

Have I jammed this before? Probably cos it is great. I should've made, too late now I suppose...

derekahmedzai 16 Aug 2015

Will never get tired of this #amen #break #sofunky

derekahmedzai 19 Jul 2013

It's the beat that changed music for good. Hip hop. Rap. Techno. House. Blues. All stole this six second drum break which would become "The Amen Break". To think a song in 1968 transformed all music from the 1980s onwards. It was ahead of its time, and needs to be celebrated. The Winstons may not have broken any ground for their time, but time eternal will recognize them as the men in the back, playing as the studio band long after they are gone. They played backup for N.W.A., Public Enemy, Prodigy, Squarepusher, Amy Winehouse, Ultramagnetic MC's, Salt-n-Pepa, The 2 Live Crew, and many more as forgotten as they, and may not have even known it. Thanks for everything, gents. Thank you for transforming the thing I love the most.

DanielSmith1 23 Jul 2014

Thanks to the Economist for a reminder of this track, also check out the A side "Color Him Father".    1

dpitkin 19 Dec 2011