This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies

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Doesn't bloody feel like it right now, but hey, you gotta dream, right?   2

davidovitch 17 Feb 2014

Happy New Year!

AlSmudja 31 Dec 2013

Amazing what you can do with a descending baseline and a mid-song key change.   7

rocknrollisking 24 Apr 2014

you betcha!   3

MarkHamilton 28 Dec 2011

Sorry I was inactive the last couple months, I guess now's as good a time as ever to come back and do one last jam. I know I've jammed this once before, but it's just been on my mind when thinking about what to end things off with, I guess just because it's a bit more about new beginnings rather than endings. In that spirit I went ahead and created accounts on a couple of other sites, just to see where things go. I really enjoyed this site and it's community over the last year or so, and I hope to see some of what made this site special carry over to other places. I haven't jammed anything there yet, but for now I'll leave some links here if anyone is interested and I'll let The Zombies play us out here.   3

blynch5194 24 Sep 2015

Mad Men :(   1

coreyatad 17 May 2015