It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Them

“First of the #lastjams #farewelljam - I'll miss all you lovely people!”

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but b. was first  

First of the #lastjams #farewelljam - I'll miss all you lovely people!   4

edlweiss1 12 Aug 2015

Just posting some of my favourite tracks until the end. #LongLiveTheJams #ThanksTIMJ #TillTheWheelsFallOff’   13

BertrandRustles 28 Aug 2015

Farewell Poem! Well. This is it, The jampot's empty now. And those of us left, are taking our final bow. It's been fun, a laugh, even a scream. We've jammed everything from The Tremaloes to Queen. And so, it's goodbye, from the one's who hung on. TMIJ won't be forgotten but, for now, it is gone!   4

whitewitch 22 Sep 2015

Just read the news. Gutted. This has been my goto site for music discovery over the last few years. I want to thank all of my fellow jammers for turning me onto some of the most amazing music I've ever had the privilege of hearing. Lets make the last few weeks special! #thisismyjam   14

dfunktt 9 Aug 2015

This week's Tuesday playlist is a farewell to TIMJ and features all kinds of goodbye tracks from this to stuff by Buddy, Guy, Soft Cell, Sam & Dave and more. We (Paul & Naty) would love to thank all of you who followed us on here, commented, and hopefully visited our site too! You are all very lovely people and we genuinely think the world of you and this site. We'll be seeing you... :-)   19

MVD 11 Aug 2015

Intense love for this. Possibly my favourite Dylan cover. And that's saying something considering Bryan Ferry did an entire album's worth. #CoversWeek   11

BertrandRustles 30 Jul 2014