It's Not My Birthday by They Might Be Giants

bloodstone’s jam on 6 Apr ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“the rain falls down without my help, i'm afraid.”

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the rain falls down without my help, i'm afraid.

bloodstone 6 Apr 2013

but there'd be no percentage and there'd be no proof, and the sound upon the roof is only water.

bloodstone 6 Apr 2014

Birthday over. Back to the other 364 days in a year.   3

spitesprite 21 Sep 2015

I'll just leave this right here.   2

heathercurtis 4 Aug 2012

A great little track from @tmbg re-discovered.

higginsmark 31 Oct 2013

Damn. Forgot to play this on my birthday. Although I suppose it's more apt now. TMBG - It's Not My Birthday.

brianshelf 13 Sep 2013