Man, It's So Loud in Here by They Might Be Giants


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"baby, check this out, I've got something to say"

jmant 10 Jan 2015

Been stuck in my head for the past week or so now. Now it's your turn! =D

mboeblay 8 Feb 2012

When I was 28, I thought this song was hysterical. Now that I'm about to turn 40, I realize the joke's on me.   1

joshacagan 31 Oct 2012

When the drum machine stops and I can think again ...   1

daftmonk 22 Jan 2014

So anyway, I'm in Sheffield at the moment and having a brilliant time ating amazing food with amazing friends. For some reason, the conversation switches to Sheffield bands and THe Must Be Russians" crop up. This leads on to the very non-Sheffield band "The ight Be Giants" and dwe discussing what our favourite of their songs are . . . This is mine.   1

attacksquid 20 Jun 2015

They Might Be Giant's club dance hit. #TBT

jameslohkamp 25 Sep 2014