Makeshift Swahili by This Heat

“Christmas present to myself: the best song ever.”

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Christmas present to myself: the best song ever.   3

thefamilyghost 25 Dec 2012

"she says 'you're only as good as the words you understand/and you, you don't understand a word'"...only the greatest band that ever existed (and yeah "the fall of saigon" will always be The Acme Of Everything but god there are so many blows-everything-before-it-out-of-the-water moments; they were generous like that). i half joked to R over the weekend while wearing my new shirt "it's fun being the coolest person in the city right now". i thought after loveless in high school nothing musically would ever be a perfect razing again and i was wrong, so wrong. i love when it's like that. bonus hearts because R's finishing up recording an album containing his kind of tribute.

ifjuly 29 Apr 2014

This Heat did some crazy sampling and editing work on this album. With tapes. I love when this track cuts into a live recording. So raw.   1

holographs 13 Aug 2013