A Brain in a Bottle by Thom Yorke

“Poor Philip ... trumped again by Thom!”

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Poor Philip ... trumped again by Thom!

markkilner 28 Sep 2014

#onrepeat PLAY LOUD X 🙌❤️👏

TheKatePaterson 9 Oct 2014

Wanted to spend the weekend with Nils... But #Thom !   9

MyBlueElephant 26 Sep 2014

First track off his new album...

stiofandafyyd 27 Sep 2014

The album is not my favourite, but I really like this song. Thom Yorke - Brain in a Bottle

AllisonMacLeod 11 Jan 2015

Anything by Thom Yorke is great   1

IsaacRay 20 Oct 2014