Atoms for Peace by Thom Yorke

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whenever i listen to his voice i think of you, missing you every single day man.

kateeb 23 Mar 2014

Love this song... something about the minimalistic backing track with Thom's falsetto vocals makes this one absolutely magical. Highlight of The Eraser album, no doubt.

Subject96 31 Oct 2013

No more talk about the old days It's time for something great #ThisIsMyJam #ThomYorke #AtomsForPeace #Listen

cananacar 18 Oct 2014

Quietly encouraging....   1

cherry_cinnamon 21 Nov 2013

from atomsforpeacetv   3

Xa 27 Jun 2013

The whole album, really, but for some reason, this is one of the songs that stands out the most for me.

Enish 9 Jun 2012